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IT support IT support tại BHK (Bách Hưng Khang Tech) là đơn vị IT chất lượng with a team of professional experts implemented for many businesses

1. Dịch vụ IT Support/IT Support services là gì?

IT Support service is a technical support service for customers when problems occur during operation and use. Includes remote support and site support.

2. Lợi ích IT support mang lại?

– Minimize and save costs for hiring staff to be on duty throughout the company. Saving office space, insurance costs and employee benefits. No more unexpected occurrences.

Cost is always an important issue for businesses, how to optimize costs and ensure that the business operates in a stable condition, ensuring the quality of work and business. IT support service provides remote and on-site technical support staff at a reasonable cost and can be lower than IT staff specializing in a technology field, that corresponds to the cost you spend. The information technology is low but brings about the stable and instantaneous operation in many fields of information technology and intranet, the company. In addition, it also saves other unnecessary costs.

– Access to personnel with many years of experience in the field, help problems be resolved quickly and avoid the risks of hiring key personnel with little experience.

Always being interested and put on top is a matter of experience. Enterprises are afraid of the problem of personnel with little experience in handling information technology problems of the enterprise. Because if you have little experience, the processing time is not guaranteed, causing delays in the work of employees, not only that, but also affect business results, affecting customer experience depending on the case. Sometimes the problem is bigger when IT personnel do not handle it and cause more errors to arise, your business needs to find another more reputable unit to handle the problem.

– Significant time savings, optimizing resources to help focus on speeding up business processes. The remaining IT issues have IT support to take care of.

Your business does not need to worry about information technology problems that need to be solved or what work will be done in the future. That time will be spent focusing on developing business processes, thinking about new directions for your business. Updating information technology trends or recommending things to do for the information technology system to help your business grow and function well has IT support covering statistics and recommendations.

Fully supported from Server, workstation to other integrated systems.

IT support service will support your business in many areas and problems related to information technology system, comprehensive package, your business will not have to worry about needing a separate service provider. Each segment, the full IT support service makes it easy to contact and does not have to worry about other arising from information technology.

– There is a Support system to help businesses send problems and handle them without missing work, support for reporting jobs that have been resolved monthly.

The monthly report statistics will help you see most aspects of your business's information technology system. After 1 month of reports on errors and problems, looking to buy support equipment for your information technology system is summarized in detail. From there, you can overview the problems that often occur or occur in an unusual way. From there, it is possible to estimate the next possible cases, allocate the cost budget for the activities of the business in the best and most optimal way.

3. Dịch vụ IT outsourcing, IT helpdesk tại BHK có thế mạnh gì?

With nearly 10 years of experience in the IT field, IT service company BHK Tech has a team of technology experts with in-depth knowledge of systems and services to understand and accompany businesses.

With the spirit of Dedication - Quality - Efficiency, which is always the ideal that BHK wants to target customers, we firmly believe that we will bring the best outsourcing service and the most suitable cost to the current needs of your business. .

4/ Contact BHK immediately about IT services for businesses for a preferential quote?

Please contact us for advice on the right solution for your company's IT needs at a super attractive price.

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